Saturday, August 14, 2010

St. Padre Pio on the Storms of Life

A storm drain in the front courtyard of St. Michael's Cathedral.

It is very easy to guide a boat when it is not troubled by the winds, and to go through life without any accident whatsoever. But in the middle of the obstacles or trials, as through the winds, it is very difficult to continue the journey.

Behold the necessity to always watch and to look after one’s self, of one’s own actions, of one’s intentions and to show that the heart is good and just, sweet, humble and generous. To such an end, often place your heart in the state of an absolute confidence in Him who has called you into the bosom of His affection.                                        – St. Padre Pio

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  1. 24 Et ecce: motus magnus factus est in mari ita ut navicula operiretur fluctibus; ipse vero dormiebat.
    25 Et accesserunt et suscitaverunt eum dicentes "Domine, salva nos! Perimus!" 26 Et dicit eis "Quid timidi estis, modicae fidei." Tunc surgens, imperavit ventis et mari, et facta est tranquillitas magna.