Monday, August 9, 2010

On Confession

The top of a confessional (the wood was once part of the reredos) in St. Michael's Cathedral.

My children, we cannot comprehend the goodness of God towards us in instituting this great Sacrament of Penance. If we had had a favour to ask of Our Lord, we should never have thought of asking Him that. But He foresaw our frailty and our inconstancy in well-doing, and His love induced Him to do what we should not have dared to ask.   
                              – St. Jean Vianney

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  1. A Checklist, if you have time for checklists before visiting (and if you have time to read comments, that's true for you)

    1) Find yourself a good Examination of Conscience.
    2) Memorize An Act (or two) of Contrition. Pray it frequently.
    3) Every night, and before confessing, examine conscience following the Examination (see step 1).

    When (3) according to (1) says you need to (or just make a regular practise of it --- don't worry!), hie thee hence to be shriven and unburden! Our Lord will replace your burden of sin with His easy yoke.