Friday, July 16, 2010


Note the Passionist symbol on his holy habit: a heart with three nails at the bottom, the words "Jesu XPI Passio", topped with a cross. Oh to wear the Holy Name over a consecrated heart!

While walking I was recollected in prayer: when I turned the corner to go home I was raised up by God to the heights of recollection to the point of forgetting everything else and sensed an interior sweetness: it was at this moment that I saw myself, in spirit, vested in black from head to toe, with a white cross on my breast and under the cross the Most Holy name of Jesus in white letters.      – St. Paul of the Cross


  1. i think there's nothing holier than an old passionist. there's something about their charism that puts them in touch with the suffering, the sinfull, and the mystical.

  2. I could'nt agree more. I just left St Ann Basilica in Scranton PA, the Novena to St Ann holy grounds, holy priests
    Kathy <;{{{><