Thursday, June 17, 2010

St. Paulinus on the Brevity of This Life

St. Paulinus, Archbishop of York, on the pillar beside the main doors of St. Michael's Cathedral.

This is how the present life of man on Earth...appears to me... You are sitting winter time. The fire is burning on the hearth in the middle of the hall and all inside is warm, while outside the wintry storms of rain and snow are raging - and a sparrow flies swiftly through the hall. It enters in at one door and quickly flies out through the other. For the few moments it is inside, the storm and wintry tempest cannot touch it, but after the briefest moment of calm, it flits from your sight, out of the wintry storm and into it again. So this life of man appears but for a moment.   
            – St. Paulinus, Archbishop of York

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