Friday, June 18, 2010

Mea Culpa

A pillar supporting the choir loft of St. Michael's Cathedral.

Don’t be mad.  Nobody lied to you.  The pillars which (barely) support the choir loft also have a little bit of red and blue paint.


  1. Actually, for about 20 years they all did. When I first discoverd the Cathedral they were painted a dull grey (or was it the dirt). In preparation of Pope John Paul II's visit in 1984 the Cathedral got a makeover (except for the ceiling in the nave). At that time, the colour was added to all the pillars, the reredos, the Blessed Sacrament shrine and other wooden furnishings.

    The more recent change is, I think, in the last decade or so when the ceilings in the side aisle's were again repainted (after the roof and flashing were fixed) and the choir loft walls were given a new motif.