Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thy Cross

A Crucifix on the main altar of St. Michael's Cathedral.

Glory be to Thee, O Lord! Thy cross is my resting place. 
              – Blessed Angela of Foligno


  1. A Crucifix on the Altar? That's new!

    Is this there now for every Mass?

  2. Yes, sort of. It was there for some Masses perhaps one year ago and I had nourished a hope that it was a first step on the road to something, the "Benedictine arrangement", for example. Then it disappeared. It reappeared recently (within the last few weeks) and has remained on the altar (with the corpus facing the priest) for the daily Masses I've seen lately. It is nice to see it there and I can only imagine that it must be nice for Father to look upon too. It is certainly fitting to have a Crucifix on an altar and it is a beautiful Crucifix too.